ib iobi on whi


nyx / eux

she he it asian minor 🍙 istp-t

byi ⠀i might reply to your dm late im not active in other servers i swear i make kys / die jokes i dont access other people's friend reqs

dni ⠀we have no interest in common you're a pro shipper homophobic support mcyt a zoophile anti or hate any of my faves talk about sensitive topics without tw / spoilers -12 / +25 ⠀

top bungo stray dogs kimetsu no yaiba jujutsu kaisen kara no kioku sk8 the infinity wonder egg priority owari no seraph hunter x hunter horimiya shiguang dailiren evangelion vnc yuukoku no moriarty

ily!! kyu ky flux xin lovelyn bia chick sakura finn kym syd tim ashton cad charlotte nyla v tricia fenston jae gewbs blue xy

purr arf gc!⠀ yuyu (kyu) my dearest 🌹⠀★ ky sucks ass

likes my comforts animanga honkai sweets genshin dogs the rain cold weather cold places pepsi softdrinks, junkfoods music comfy things being alone

dislikes problematic people bugs / insects school gore mcyt toxic people homophobia judgmental, ignorant & rude people

tw.. gore horror jumpscares

Hello Kitty Eyes Shut <